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The Portage County Bowling Associations will induct new members on October 22 at the Kent Elks.  Doors open at noon for a cash bar.  Luncheon buffet will be available at 1:00, followed by the ceremony.  Tickets for the event are $20 and are available at any Portage County bowling center.

Inductees are Thom Butcher, Bill Flachbart, Gary Popson, and Ched ReberHerman's Pickle Farm is being given the Pop Meyers award.


Welcome to the new Portage County bowling web site.  On this page you will find news about the associations, tournaments, directors, and Hall of Fame.

Understanding the Associations

ABC (American Bowling Congress), WIBC (Women's International Bowling Congress), the YABA (Young American Bowling Alliance), and USA Bowling merged in 2005 to form the USBC (United States Bowling Congress).  Although the national associations merged operations, they allowed local and state associations to remain separated into BA, WBA, and YOUTH associations.  WBA affiliates serve only the needs of female bowlers, BA can serve all adults, and YOUTH serve only non-adult bowlers.

This year at the national convention, the representatives voted that all locals that are not already merged must do so by the 2018 season.  State associations must merge as well.


Dues for the National USBC are $10 this year, dues for Ohio State USBC BA are $0, dues for Ohio State USBC WBA are $3, dues for Portage County USBC BA are $6, and dues for Portage County USBC WBA are $6.  When you pay your dues for either of the local adult associations you must pay dues for the national and state associations as well.  Thus your dues when joining PC USBC BA are a total of $16, and the dues when joining PC USBC WBA are $19.

Reasons to Join USBC

USBC is not just the group that sends rings for 300's and 800's.  The USBC works behind the scenes to promote the game of bowling by keeping bowling on television, sponsoring important major tournaments for the pros and the amateurs alike, settling interpretations of the rules, maintaining a web site with all manner of information including averages and records for all sanctioned bowlers, supporting the thousands of local associations, and providing peace of mind to bowling leagues with regard to their finances.

The local associations provide the manpower for the national association.  We keep track of all the bowlers and their averages, deal with all the paperwork, provide awards for bowlers, raise money for charitable causes, run a county championship tournament, as well as several additional tournaments throughout the year, maintain a Hall of Fame to honor great bowlers in our county, settle disputes about bowling and monetary matters, and inspect the lanes each year to keep the game fair and fun.

Hall of Fame

The Portage County Hall of Fame is populated by both male and female bowlers who have distinguished themselves through their bowling accomplishments or through their work in serving the bowlers Portage County.  In addition to individual bowlers, there is a category called Pop Meyers where league sponsors are honored.

To see the names of the honorees, enter Twin Star Lanes at the front door and look to your right.  There you will see a huge wooden board with plaques with the names of members of the Hall of Fame.

You can nominate bowlers, male or female, by filling out the application form found at the desk of any of the three Portage County bowling centers.  The Hall of Fame committee will consider all applicants and will select entrants every three years.  Electees will be presented with an award at the induction ceremony.


Portage County USBC BA and Portage County USBC WBA host several tournaments throughout the bowling season.  The Tournaments page has been set up so that you can see when and where these tournaments will be held.  Dates and locations will be displayed as they become available.  The State associations also hold tournaments, and that information will be displayed there as well.  Where possible, entry forms will be downloadable as well.



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